This plugin supply a method to join two tables using the date-from and date-to history. It use the two dates that indicate the life of the record and join using a query (like the database join plugin) to resolve the record's story of the two entities.


To install the plugin download from http://sourceforge.net/projects/su4jd/files/, create a folder (for example HistoryJoin) under [kettle home]/plugins/steps/. Copy the jar in the new folder and extract only the files plugin.xml and HJ.png. Start kettle and enjoy!


To use the plugin open the Joins category and use the History Join plugin. Open the plugin, you can see all fields:

  • Step name
  • Connection : The database connection to use
  • History date fields (from / to) : The fields that contains the two date (date from and date to) that drive the story.
  • History columns (from/to) : The two column that contains the dates used to recreate the story of the principal entity.
  • SQL : The query to use for the join. Please remember of add the join condition and the order for the date-from.
  • Replace variables : If flagged the variables will replaced in the SQL.
  • Parameters to use : Parameters of the query.


All the dates (from and to) must be set. If you have null value, you must transform (using a view or the query) in a valid date value (9999-12-31 for example).

In the SQL you must insert a where clause that load the entities in the range of the primary entity

for example

        date2_to > date1_from and date2_from < date1_to


        ? between date2_from and date2_to

where ? will be set with the reference date

If this plugin is useful

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